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User Story Card Writing

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2 Half days full of experiential, hands-on learning. No death by PowerPoint. You'll learn specific skills and practice them in class, so you can go and do them in your real-world work the next day.  Purchase your seat today, we do not know when this class will be available again!

Deliver customer value consistently by turning boring requirements documents into clear, concise user stories focused on business value.


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What You Will Learn In This LIVE Virtual Workshop:
It's important to learn how different User Story Writing and progressive elaboration of requirements is from traditional Requirements Gathering. If you're still gathering all the Requirements, and then just pass them on to a team to deliver, you're not taking advantage of all the benefits that agile has to offer.

Learn the basics of writing stories in place of “requirements” and understand the little known secret for writing shorter stories that deliver more value. We’ll cover best practices for breaking up large projects into smaller pieces and you’ll leave capable of writing stories from the user’s perspective. This interactive 2-day workshop will cover the basics of Personas, User Story Maps, and writing User Stories. You will get plenty of practice through interactive exercises to land the learning and be able to write User Stories for your next project. At the end of the course, you will be able to...
  • Explain and create the backbone of a User Story Map
  • ​Understand and create Personas in order to better understand what work needs to be done
  • Understand the difference between Requirements Gathering and Progressive Elaboration of Requirements
  • ​Write a basic User Story to better break up larger projects into more manageable pieces
  • Do preliminary Release Planning with a User Story Map
  • ​Tell the difference between a "good" User Story and "bad" one
Get To Know Your Instructor

Mike Kaufman

Over 20 years of experience both in the trenches and in management within organizations ranging from product companies to insurance and other financial institutions, Mike has worked with companies to provide improvements around product development, executive training, strategic planning, software development, project management, HR, governance and other business areas. 

More recently Mike has been working with companies on improving system-wide performance, assisting with Lean and Agile organizational adoptions, and provided training and coaching using Agile, Lean, Systems Thinking, Business Agility, User-Centered Design, and Organizational Development techniques and mindsets. 
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